The school provides lab facilities to students. We have a full-fledged Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computer Science Labs. Scientific Models and equipment’s are introduced in the labs that aids in teaching. The activity based curriculum creates fun-filled learning environment.

Chemistry Lab

Our Chemistry lab is well equipped with various scientific apparatus and solutions. The students can observe and perform the different reactions learnt in their text books. We also maintain safety norms and students are allowed to perform under close watch by teachers and supervisors in the laboratory.

Physics Lab

Our Physics Lab is well equipped with various scientific and electronic instruments. The teachers take individual care to guide and help the students to perform various experiments. The lab is equipped with safety kits.

Biology Lab

Our Biology lab is equipped with biology lab tools and instruments. Various instruments like microscope, scalpel, slides etc available for students’ usage in the lab.

Computer Lab

We have separate computer labs for junior and senior sections. The computers are installed with latest hardware and software.